Dominant Systems
Computer Network Solutions Provider

Having problems with your computer network?

We have the solutions. We offer a deep understanding of the way modern computer networks connect with people, devices, storage systems, and the internet. Since 1987, our goal has been to provide top-notch technical support services, and world class product selection from industry leaders like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft.

Call us to fix problems like these:

  • Server won’t boot or runs too slow
  • Can’t connect to the network / internet
  • Backups not reliable
  • Need off-site backup
  • Network has been hacked
  • Smartphones not connecting
  • Connections are slow
  • Changing your Internet Service Provider
  • Printers keep going offline
  • Former system administrator no longer with the organization
  • Need pre-sales assistance on complicated solutions
  • Computers infected by malware / viruses
  • Wireless network not reliable
  • Passwords not working
  • Email system not meeting organizational needs
  • Missing network documentation