Why Choose Dominant Systems?

1. Customer service that exceeds expectations

Our founder, Mr. Terrence A. Weadock is a fanatic when it comes to customer service.  This is why you get a live person when you phone us, and not an automated system.  You will see this dedication in all of our team members including those in technical services, sales and accounting.


Mr. Terrence A. Weadock

2. Ethical behavior

All of our employees are required to sign and adhere to an "Ethical Agreement" which details what we expect in terms of the way we deal with customers, vendors and the community. 

3. Experience & accumulated wisdom

We have been solving IT problems for clients since 1987. Our core engineering and management staff have over 25 years each in the IT support business. We have a saying - "If it is supported, we will get it to work. If it's not supported we might still get it to work."

4. Technical capabilities

We have wide ranging technical capabilities as you can see in our Technical Support Services page. When it comes to computer networking, Windows servers, Linux servers, data storage systems and other advanced IT technologies, you can count on us for expert and efficient technical support services. 

5. Custom network solutions

We start by listening carefully to your situation. we may need to go to your site to better understand your situation. In terms of capability, once we know where you are and then know where you want to be, we will set to work designing a custom network solution just for you.  

6. Commitment to environmental excellence

We understand that technology products are generally not very environmentally friendly. Therefore we are committed to making sure that obsolete technology products are disposed of properly.  We accept most e-waste products for disposal at no charge. This includes obsolete PCs, servers, printers, accessories, and cables. Please contact us to arrange delivery or pickup of your e-waste. 

7. World-class partnerships 

We have partnered with many top IT product manufacturers and distributors over the years and have strong relationships with many individuals at those companies. These relationships can come in very handy when manufacturer tech support is needed. Consequently, we have strong relationships with HPE, HP, Inc., Microsoft, Fortinet, Sophos, and VMware.