Using a Multi-vendor Approach to Deter Ransomware Attacks

Dominant Systems has recently seen a significant rise in ransomware attacks where a victim organization's files are encrypted by malware and a ransom is demanded for a key to un-encrypt the files.

Some of the best countermeasures to deter ransomware is through the use of "sandboxing". Sandboxing is a security service where data coming in through the internet is analyzed in order to detect actual and potential threats. If such a threat is detected, the file/data set is routed to a "sandbox" server. Sandbox servers are isolated from local servers and can safely be used to open up potentially malicious files. File types that the systems does not recognize are routed to the sandbox first where they are then opened. If found to be safe, files are sent along to their intended user, but if not, the file gets quarantined and an alert is generated.

Malicious files can enter a network through the internet or through locally connected endpoints (PCs, laptops, servers, etc.). This means sandboxing services need to be available at the endpoint as well as the firewall level.

Just as using two different types of locks can make it difficult for burglars to break into you your house, two brands of security systems can make it difficult for hackers to break into your systems.

Dominant Systems recommends that small and medium size businesses consider using a combination of Fortinet brand firewalls with Sophos brand endpoint protection. Email or contact us today for more info on how we can help secure your network assets. email us at or call 734-971-1210 anytime.

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