Network Security Assessments

It all starts with an Internet Security Assessment

Knowing what your network looks like from a hacker's perspective is key to developing a secure computer network.  With our Internet Network Security Assessment service, we use both open source and commercial hacking tools to probe your network from the outside, just like a hacker would do.  We then prepare an executive-style report detailing the vulnerabilities we find.  We also include specific recommendations to remedy any problems found.  These recommendations can then be implemented by your regular IT staff or optionally with remediation services performed by Dominant Systems Network Security Experts.


Rinse and Repeat

Because threats to your network change over time, it is important to maintain vigilance. Depending on your security requirements, you will want to consider quarterly or yearly assessments.

The Methodology

To defeat hackers, you must think like a hacker. Our proprietary process uses a number of open source and commercial hacking tools, vulnerability analyzers, and methodologies to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by entities seeking to gain access to your system via the internet. 

With our Assessment Service, we will search for known security exploits and vulnerabilities, but will not actually try to breach your systems.


If you select our  Penetration Testing service, we will attempt to actually breach your systems.  


After testing, our experts analyze your results, and prepare an executive-style report featuring:

  • A listing of all vulnerabilities, errors, and issues found including:

    • Detailed description of each problem;

    • Severity grade for each problem;

    • Honest opinions and detailed suggestions for remediation.

  • An overall grade is also given for the entire assessment:

    • Grade is based on our experience with networks similar to yours as well as the number and severity of vulnerabilities found;

    • Grades range from A through F.

Why use a 3rd Party for Security Assessments?

Many modern networks consist of layers of different technologies installed over time, often by different vendors and/or internal staff. This can make it easier for hackers to exploit unpatched and/or unsupported systems.  Without an actual test, it is impossible to know how well a network can defend itself against attack.

Order Your Security Assessment.

Ordering an Internet Security Assessment is easy and takes only 3 steps.​

Step 1 - Decide whether you want a Penetration Test or just an Assessment.  Penetration testing will give you a better idea of how vulnerable you are. The Assessment is less expensive because we don't actually try to penetrate your network.

Step 2 - Calculate your cost. call us at 734-971-1210 for current pricing

Step 3 - Download and sign the​ Internet Security Assessment Authorization form.
Be sure to include the actual IP numbers to be tested on page 2 of the form.

Step 4 - Email us a copy of the signed and completed form together with your PO.
If you wish to pay by credit card, please call 734-971-1210, and ask for accounting.

That's it.  You will receive your report typically within 15 business days. For security purposes, the report is sent via encrypted email and the encryption key is sent via text message to a cell phone you designate.

What to do if you are hacked

This depends on what sort of attack is occurring.  For attacks like the crypto-locker worm which encrypts all the data that an infected system can access, you will want to immediately shut down any infected systems, including servers.  Other types of security incidents are handled differently.  For attacks in progress, we strongly recommend that you immediately call our 24x7 emergency hotline at +1.734.971.1210. Experienced network security personnel will handle your call via phone, remote access, or onsite visit. Once we stop the carnage, we can help you recover corrupted systems, replace obsolete firewalls and security systems, and do post-mortem analyses to see what went wrong. Dominant Systems has been helping customers recover from security and related computer network disasters for over 25 years.

Remediation Services

If your current team is unable to fix any of the problems we found in our assessment, our Security Professionals are available on a time and materials basis for consulting or actual fixing of the problem(s). Please call +1.734.971.1210 for immediate attention.


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