Why Security is Important

Without good network security, a computer network is a disaster waiting to happen. Today's organizations need to protect their digital assets from different types of threats. These threats include viruses, malware, ransomware, server failure, user error, and natural disasters.  We have been helping clients develop defenses against these types of threats since 1987. 


Here is a short list of network security services we offer:

  • Prepare to be Secure

    • Network security assessments

      • Internet Security Assessments

      • Comprehensive Security Assessments

    • Endpoint protection systems

    • Firewall sales, installation, & support

    • Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) systems

    • Data backup verification and testing

    • Dual authentication systems

    • Phishing tests for end users

    • Authorized resellers for Fortinet, Sophos, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft 

  • Maintain Security

    • Regularly scheduled network security assessments

    • Managed backup services

    • Security subscriptions and maintenance renewals

  • Identify Problems

    • Network has been maliciously hacked

    • Servers crashed

    • infected by malware

    • DDoS attacks

    • Cryptolocker attack

  • Recover

    • 24 x 7 onsite, remote, and telephone support

    • Data recovery and virtualization of older systems

      • 25 years of server data recovery experience

      • SSD, Hard drive, DAT, LTO recovery available

      • Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and SQL database recovery

      • Acronis & Unitrends backup software support

      • Bitcoin procurement assistance. Let's hope we don't get here.

  • Harden Defenses

    • Upgrade to new firewall

      • Fortinet

      • Cisco ASA

    • Add threat sandboxing

    • Add VPN support

    • Add 2-factor authentication

    • Upgrade endpoint protection

      • Sophos

      • Fortinet

      • Symantec

    • Upgrade server hardware

      • HPE Proliant rack-mount and tower servers

      • Dell upgrades

    • Upgrade network infrastructure

      • 40/10GB Server Backbones

      • 10GB systems for CAD

    • Upgrade backup systems 

      • Unitrends/HPE backup appliances up to 120TB

      • Acronis Backup

    • Add anti-DDoS Systems

      • Arbor Networks Pravail

      • Fortinet DDoS defenses

Network Security Assessments

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