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CompleteCARE - "All-You-Can-Eat" Managed Services Plan

Our CompleteCARE Managed Services plan is designed to provide “all-you-can-eat” IT services for a fixed monthly fee.

Data Recovery Testing

With our Data Recovery Testing service, we take a set of your recent backup media and attempt to do a full recovery of your data to one of our servers. We then provide an executive-style report that provides answers to the following questions:

  • Did the recovery result in a bootable server?

  • Was all the data recovered?

  • How long did the recovery take?

  • What additional items were required to do the recovery?

Network and Backup Monitoring

All computer network components should be monitored for problems and potential problems. In addition, the status of data backups should be checked at least once a day. With these services, we handle all the monitoring at very low cost and you pay for additional services needed by the hour.

YourCLOUD Offsite Data Storage

YourCLOUD is a Dominant Systems delivered service that is designed to be a low cost off-site data storage solution for small and medium-sized organizations. By storing data automatically offsite in our private cloud, your network will be better protected against data loss from theft, fire, flooding, and other natural disasters.

Phishing / Malware Testing

With this service we send out fake "phishing emails in an attempt to get your users to click on links contained in the emails. We then deliver an executive-style report which contains information on any individuals in the organization who clicked on one of the links. 

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