IT Solutions
for Your Industry

No matter the industry, we can help you.

Dominant Systems has helped many different types of organizations over the years including manufacturers, retailers, service providers, restaurants, professional organizations, government entities, and construction companies. We understand that each industry is different, but there are many similarities as well.  

Every organization needs a secure network

Regardless of your industry, your organization needs a secure and reliable network. We have been doing network security work since 1995, and have the tools and services you need to secure your network.

On-premises server and data storage systems

If your industry-specific software requires an on-premises server, this is where we really shine. We have been selling and supporting on-premises servers since 1988 when we installed a pair of SCO XENIX systems networked together using UUCP for a large health-care auditor. Today we use a combination of Fortinet and Sophos network security systems, HPE servers, and HPE networking equipment, running on Windows Server, Hyper-V, VMware, and/or Linux.

Cloud-based application support

We have years of experience building the secure remote access and data backup systems needed for supporting cloud based applications. 

Industry solutions
We have extensive experience supporting IT solutions for various organization types including:

Business services


Dental services


Education & research

Funeral services


Health care