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Dominant Systems has partnered with Fortinet, Inc. to offer world-class security solutions for small medium and large organizations here in Michigan.  While Fortinet is famous for their firewalls, they offer a complete suite of security solutions that can be scaled from just a few users all the way up to thousands of users located in hundreds of locations.

One of the most important components in a secure small Business Network is a firewall. Modern day firewalls perform a number of tasks and Fortinet has a robust set of features in their various security bundles.

When buying a new firewall there are two parts to consider. The first is the hardware performance characteristics which need to be matched to the bandwidth requirements of the organization. The second is the security software suite which allow the firewall to perform next generation firewall tasks like web blocking, sandboxing, and antivirus services.

Even the smallest Fortinet firewall can handle internet traffic up to 600Mbps with all Threat Protection Suite components enabled. For many smaller organizations, the Fortinet 61F will be the right choice.  Larger organizations can benefit from the increased performance offered by the Fortinet 81F and Fortinet 101F firewalls.

Fortinet offers a complete set of security subscriptions as follows:

  1. ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) Bundle – Includes the vast majority of security services but does not include email and web-related security services. Services in the ATP bundle include Antivirus, Botnet, IP/Domain Reputation, IPS, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, Mobile Security, NGFW Application Security, Virus Outbreak Protection, and FortiCare.

  2. UTP (Unified Threat Protection) Bundle – Includes Antivirus, Antispam, Botnet, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, IP/Domain Reputation, IPS, Mobile Security, NGFW Application Control, Virus Outbreak Protection, Web Filtering, and FortiCare.

  3. Enterprise Bundle – Includes Antivirus, Antispam, Botnet, CASB, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, Industrial Security Service, IP/Domain Reputation, IPS, Mobile Security, Indicators of Compromise, NGFW Application Control, Security Rating, Virus Outbreak Protection, Web Filtering, FortiCare and a few other useful security tools.. 

  4. 360 Protection Bundle – Adds SD-Wan Orchestrator, Monitoring, IPAM service and cloud versions of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer. 

Our experience selling and supporting Fortinet firewalls has given us the following accumulated wisdom which you might find useful.
1.    Get the SSD version of the firewall you end up selecting. Two reasons for this:
a.    With an SSD the firewall will be able to store extended quantities of real-time log information. 
b.    Without the SSD, security log entries are dumped every 15 minutes up to your Forticloud. Should a security incident occur, the most recent log entries will most likely be missing because of this. 
2.    For single location organizations, the UTP bundle typically offers the best bang for the buck.
3.    Multiple site locations can benefit from the additional security features in the Enterprise Bundle.
4.    360 Protection is designed to support large enterprises with multiple locations and a mix of cloud and local IT resources.


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