Data Recovery Testing

Are your backups working?

It is impossible to be sure that your data backups are working without actually testing them. In our 30 years of providing data backup systems, we have seen many data backup horror stories. These include mis-configured and buggy backup software, bad backup media, and failed backup jobs that went unreported for weeks/months.  Any of these could mean the difference between successful data recovery, and catastrophic data loss.


With our data recovery testing service, you will know for sure whether you can trust your backups.

How it works.
With our Backup Recovery Testing service, we take a set of your recent backup media (physical or cloud) and attempt a full recovery of your data to one of our test servers. We then provide an executive-style report that gives you answers to the following questions:

  • Did the recovery result in a bootable server?

  • Does all the data appear to be recovered?

  • How many hours did the recovery take from start to finish?

  • What additional items were required to perform the recovery?

Why you need help with testing?
Most backup recovery tests (especially “bare metal” backups) require hardware that has at minimum the same amount of disk capacity and memory as the original server. If you do not have a spare server like that you’ll have a hard time doing a recovery test.  At Dominant Systems, we keep a fleet of servers available for backup testing (as well as for rental, emergency use, etc.) which can handle recoveries with terabyte capacities in the double digit range.

Supported Backup Systems

We currently support backup recovery testing using the following backup / recovery software:

  • Acronis

  • Linux Rsynch, LoneTAR, tar, etc.

  • Microsoft Backup

  • Veritas Backup Exec

  • Veritas System Recovery

  • Unitrends

  • Others brands as needed

Most data backups created with other backup systems can also be tested, though prices may vary. Please note that with some vendors, you may also need to be current with your software maintenance.

How much does it cost?

Our Backup Recovery Testing service is priced “per server” and is based on how much data you have as follows:

Servers w/2TB of data or less     $695               
Each additional 2TB                      $295            

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