Great designs, great products, and experienced engineers 
When you buy a turnkey IT solution from Dominant Systems you'll know that thought, wisdom, and years of experience went into creating it.  

Using world class products to build world class networks

Our years of vendor management means we have relationships with many of the most popular manufacturers of commercial-grade computer systems and network components. We design networks using third party products from some of the largest manufacturers in the world.


Solutions for all sizes of organizations

Our wisdom and experience allow us to provide rock solid solutions for very small businesses (under 10 employees) as well as organizations with hundreds of employees.  We will help you build cost-effective network systems that work the first time, every time. 

Some of our vendor partners and associated product lines include :

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    • Rack-mount and tower servers​

    • High performance storage systems

    • Aruba data switches

    • HCI systems

  • Hewlett Packard, Inc.

    • Laptop computers​

    • Desktop computers

    • Laser printers

  • Microsoft

    • Windows Server

    • Windows 10

    • Windows 11

    • SQL Server

    • Office 365

      • Email migration

      • Application support

  • Fortinet

    • Firewalls​

    • SIEM systems

    • Security management systems

  • Sophos

    • Intercept X endpoint protection ​for PCs

    • Intercept X endpoint protection ​for servers

  • Unitrends

    • Enterprise data backup​

    • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS)

  • Veeam

    • Enterprise data backup​

  • Huntress

    • Threat hunting service