Fortinet Security Fabric Solutions

FortiNet Security Fabric for 20 user solution

Fortinet and Dominant Systems solutions can secure and grow with your business over time.  


FortiCloud - A FortiNet managed cloud portal that enables Security Fabric technology features

FortiCloud enables secure management connectivity to all Fortinet infrastructure in the diagram.  FortiNet devices are registered in FortiCloud using secure telemetry.   FortiCloud collects secure data points, traffic logging, and has reporting functionality of that information.  Once registered these network devices can be monitored and managed from FortiCloud. 

ISP-A - Preferred primary business class Internet Service Provider

Usually, this is a dedicated last mile connection to the Internet.  Examples are Cable or Fiber Optical hand off connections.

ISP-B - Secondary Internet Service Provider

Ideally, this would be a different carrier from the primary, in the event the primary is unresponsive.  Examples are are Cable, Dark Fiber, or even Cellular 4-5G/LTE connections.

FortiGate - Model 81F Firewall with UTM Bundle

This is a cost effective and powerful firewall that will secure your business from emerging threats. It will automatically failover to ISP-B in the event that ISP-A is unresponsive.  With the FortiNet UTM Bundle, users are protected from accidentally going to malicious web sties and content.  It can decrypt sessions that other technologies and software can not.  This insures that malware can not be hidden inside those encrypted sessions.

Key features
   10 Gb/s of Throughput.
   715 Mb/s of SSL Inspection.
   6 LAN Ports at 1Gb/s.
   2 WAN Ports at 1Gb/s. 


FortiSwitch - Model 148F-FPOE Switch

This is a cost effective and powerful switch with 48 POE+ ports.  The FortiSwitch is Security Fabic aware and can react if connected devices are determined to be compromised.

Key features
   176 Gb/s switching capacity.
   48 x 1 Gb/s POE+ ports.
   4 x 10 Gb/s SFP+ ports.
   128 link aggregation groups. 


FortiAP - Model 231F Wireless Access Point

The FortiAP is Security Fabic aware and can gain visibility and controls for wireless device activities. 

Key features
   2 x 2 MU-MIMO x 3 radios.
   1.2Gb/s data rate.


FortiAnalyzer - Model 200F Logging and Analysis

The 200F is a local log collector, analysis and reporting device. The FortiAnalyzer is required to capture years of logging information.  Analysis of of real time logging information and automation to isolate compromised  devices on the network.  Scheduled Executive reporting on logged information.  In the event of a breach, the FortiAnalyzer can save Security Teams time identifying origin, compliance violation reporting, and forecasting emerging threats.


End Point Solutions

Sophos Cloud Intercept X Advanced is deployed on all end user devices.  Endpoint protection for zero day, drive by exploits, or when those devices are not connected behind the security fabric.

Acronis Cyber Protect.  Periodic backups are performed on user systems and server systems.  Fully capable of data reconstruction, regardless of cause of loss.


HPE ML350 Server

Finally, to complete the over all security solution components, the HPE ML350 installed for multi-purpose services and roles.

For example;

  •  User Authentication.

  •  Local Backups.

  •  Domain DNS, DHCP, etc.