CompleteCARE - "All-You-Can-Eat" Managed Services Plan

Our CompleteCARE Managed Services plan is designed to provide “all-you-can-eat” IT services for a fixed monthly fee.

CompleteCARE features:

  • Unlimited telephone and/or onsite support for all your PCs, laptops, and servers.

  • Unlimited telephone and/or onsite support for all your printers, firewalls, switches, power backup systems, anti-virus systems, and computer security systems.

  • 9x5x5 proactive monitoring of all significant network components including PCs, servers, switches, firewalls, and backup systems.

  • Regularly scheduled onsite appointments.

  • Regularly scheduled testing of your backup systems including a yearly full restore test to our hardware (6TB limit per server).

  • Support for office software including MS-Office.

  • Support for Windows Server, MS-Exchange, Linux, Hyper-V, and VMware.

  • Hardware diagnostics and basic repairs.

CompleteCARE Add-ons

  • Optional support for BYOD mobile devices.

  • Optional regularly scheduled network security scans.

  • Optional cloud based data backup system.

  • Optional virtual and dedicated cloud server(s).

  • Optional 24 hour, 7 days a week service.

  • Optional extended warranties on your hardware.

CompleteCARE Pricing 

Since each organization is different, we will do a custom quote for you. We will need to know the quantity, type and configuration information for all deployed servers, desktops, mobile devices, switches, firewalls, application software, virtualization technologies, data backups, printers, security software, internet connections and any other devices/systems to be covered under this agreement. 

For pricing purposes, we keep things simple and only count actual computer systems that need to be supported. These include servers, PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile devices. We do not include firewalls, switches, security appliances, storage systems, or backup systems as it's assumed that all organizations have these.  Virtual machines are counted but the physical hosts they reside on are not.

We also understand the difference between systems that people use and systems that are attached to factory floor or scientific devices.  In general, we charge less per system for the latter.

Network Audit Requirement

Once an agreement has been signed, we will send in a team to do a basic audit of your systems. We will also be looking for critical issues that may impact the supportability of your network.  These will need to be corrected (if found) before CompleteCARE services can begin.

All systems, software and devices must be less than 5 years old from date of purchase and in good working order as deemed by us to be eligible for CompleteCARE. Support for products running Apple macOS is limited in scope. See your quote and contract for complete details.

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